The proof is in the pudding, er – the portfolio.

Take a look at a small selection of my design work spanning from logos, to book covers, to custom graphics, full-service web design, branding and more.

Courtney Bargo portfolio pieces

Featured Project

Full-Service Web Design & Branding



SellYourWebHost.com is both a brand & website I designed from the ground up. The client requested this specific domain name and wanted the brand to be centered around the link to the site. They asked that the logo, colors and font reflect the fact that this is a forward-thinking mergers & acquisitions division of their tech company.

Once branding and strategy were completed, the website I designed and built using WordPress and the Divi Theme Builder included an about page, a blog for resources and recent acquisitions and a form for potential customers to get in contact with the owners of this business – all with a focus on search engine optimization to increase their competitiveness in their industry.


SellYourWebHost.com designed by Courtney Bargo
Sozo Technologies redesign


Sozo Technologies LLC

Sozo wanted to decrease the amount of pages for their site by redesigning into a one-page website. I was able to create custom graphics, match their original branding and allow them to focus on their message of primarily being a parent company.

TRG Web Designs landing page

Landing Page

TRG Web Designs

TRG Web Designs needed to redirect their old website domain to a new landing page that reflected that they were acquired by another company, complete with a link to the new site for customers to reach the new owners.

PAPERbyCourtney e-commerce



I sketched, digitally designed, printed and professionally photographed original handmade greeting cards and stickers for an online shop using Etsy. I focused on social media marketing, SEO & customer service.

HostGo web design project

Web Design


HostGo required pages to be built that matched their existing style from another web designer. To date, I’ve built 10+ pages including custom tables, custom graphics, form management systems, and selected stock photography.

Routin branding



Routin is a tea company that needed a custom logo along with branding from beginning to end, including a full color palette, package design, slogan, photography and direction on how to market through social media.

Courtney Cooks A Lot web design

Web Design

Courtney Cooks A Lot

I designed a personal recipe website using pure HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I added personal photography, web copy, custom seamless patterns, animations then also designed a custom navigation bar.

Surge branding



Surge is a skincare brand that I tackled logo design, package design and marketing strategy with. I delivered brand guidelines complete with fonts & color palette, and wrote test advertisements for Facebook & Instagram.

RainStorm content

Content writing


RainStorm asked me to write a number of updated blog posts on their website, covering the following subjects: web design trends, web color palettes, Google Analytics and the reasons behind why you may need updates to your current website.

Midwest Center for the Arts branding


Midwest Center for the Arts

MCA required a full branding project from start to finish, needing multiple versions of logos, posters, stationery and a color palette. As well, they needed full guidelines on verbiage for their signage and social media posts.

Metal in May poster


Metal in May

Metal in May is a concept for a music festival that asked for submissions from the student population for an official poster. This is one of my formal submissions that made it to the final round of judging.

Susie's Place rebranding


Susie’s Place

Susie’s Place is a charitable organization that was looking for ideas for a complete rebrand, centered around their logo but keeping their colors and mission statement. I focused on modernizing their font and removing dated features.