Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, then I have answers. Please ask me about anything not covered here!

How long does it take to build a new website?

I’m sure the answer to this is expected: every website is different and it really depends on the complexity of what you’re looking for. In general, a standard 3-5 page website takes between 4-6 weeks with other factors lengthening by days to a couple more weeks.

How do you handle hosting, domains and SSL certificates?

I now set up WordPress-optimized hosting through Bluehost, offering guided billing and site access processes. The comprehensive package includes hosting, domains, and SSL certificates, typically ranging from $100-200 per year. Rest assured, all setup details and associated costs will be clearly outlined in your initial quote.

Will you maintain my site for me?

Yes, if regular maintenance is something that is important to you – mention it during your consultation so I can provide it in your intial quote. This can also be added at any time later if you pass at first. I can always be hired for small fixes at an hourly rate if you don’t want a monthly maintenance fee.

How do you charge for graphic or logo design services?
All of my design work is charged on an hourly basis on top of an initial fee, as mentioned on my pricing page. However, I keep my fees low and only bill for *actually* worked hours which ends up being much smaller than you would think – saving you money! (compared to agencies that usually inflate hours by assigning to multiple employees)
Do I get to own content that you write for me?

Included in our final contract will be a clause that explicitly states everything you will own when I pass the website or other content to you – which is 100% of the time completely yours to own, copyright, or do whatever you will.