Sozo Technologies

This is a small business that helps small businesses with all of their tech needs, making it easier for them to focus on their customers. They needed their website refreshed to have a modern feel in order to emphasize their commitment to cutting-edge technology and best-in-class service.

Sozo Technologies redesign homepage

Focused on storytelling.

Established in 2012 but IT veterans since the ’90s, Sozo Technologies is no stranger to the rapid and overwhelming changes that take place in tech, either on a residential or commercial scale. They hired me to steer their brand to tell that story, and accentuate the fact that they act as a parent company now.

Sozo old about page
Sozo story 1
Sozo story 2
Sozo story 3

Brought their site into the 2020’s.

There is always something to be said for making certain that a technology company doesn’t continue to appear as though it lives in the stone age, and while it is a science, it is also a feeling! Continuing seamless user experiences like dropdowns and navigation bars, I was able to keep a similar presentation style of information while bringing in modern web practices.

Sozo initial service offerings page
Sozo Technologies services

Added more functionality.

A redesign wouldn’t be complete without considering how different functions can improve the experience of the potential customer. Sozo was looking for a one-page website with in-page navigation, a well-thought out careers page for their HR and an auto-posting blog.

Sozo navigation
Sozo careers
Sozo blog