The company allows web hosting company owners to move out of the industry by providing a personalized and fair acquisitions and continues to provide industry-leading web hosting services to their clients. I helped make their dream a reality by creating their brand from scratch & building a website that attracted web hosting companies. designed by Courtney Bargo

Started with logo design.

The objective was to brainstorm a visual identity that included transactions & technology in a way that builds trust. Including modern elements and a blue color palette helped to accomplish that. The customer preferred a logo mark that included the full website URL, as well, to keep their brand top-of-mind for their prospective clients.

SellYourWebHost original logo sketch ideas
SellYourWebHost initial idea 1
SellYourWebHost initial idea 2
SellYourWebHost initial idea 3
White logo and graphic asset

Designed a modern website.

Using WordPress & the Divi Theme Builder, I ensured that all elements were up to web accessibility standards and utilized current web practices (along with styles that will last for many years to come). The content management system allows for regular content posts, easy edits and client management.

SellYourWebHost control panels
SellYourWebHost form

Wrote SEO-focused web copy.

By using keywords directed towards the web hosting industry throughout the site, I made certain that Google would be able to index and categorize this site to reach the right target audience. I worked with the owner of to write content that fit their tone and accurately reflected their story.

SellYourWebHost content plan
SellYourWebHost blog post about Managed VPS hosting
SellYourWebHost about content